Erika and Rose (not pictured) bring a wide range of skills to their clients with an emphasis on customer service and retail experience. They both  evaluate the estate, organize, communicate the expectations to the client, manage the staffing, are in charge of the advertising, and both manage the sale of the estate.  Both are passionate about estate sales, because this is what they love to do. Rose and Erika have found out that every family antique or collectible has a story, and it’s that story that makes the item so interesting. Both are passionate people who share common characteristics. They work hard, and they trust their intuition, and they both persevere. Their work ethic comes from doing what they both enjoy.

Our Story

When Erika was a little girl, she would go to flea markets with her grandmother, who was a very practical and thrifty lady. Erika developed a love for flea markets, thanks to her grandma. She loved going on Saturday and Sunday mornings to see what nifty thing she would find. It became a weekend ritual for many years, until the day came when her grandmother stopped going because of illness. I guess you can say, to honor her grandmother, Erika decided to get into the business of estate sales.

Rose and Erika had been in many situations with their own family members, when they needed to make decisions about what to do with personal items after a life-changing event. It also became another reason why they decided to open their own estate sale business and help people, who come into situations when family members pass away, or when downsizing becomes a good life option. “Mom and I know how emotional and stressful liquidating an estate can be.  Losing a loved one or transitioning them to a care facility, downsizing, moving– all are difficult life-changing events. Family members are left to decide what to do with their belongings that they have held for so long, like their everyday household items, or their family collectibles. We want to help people when they have to face difficult situations as these. We have helped many wonderful clients who have gone through situations that can sometimes be too much for them to handle, and very emotional, as well.”


We have a team of very dependable and experienced individuals who take pride in what they do. Our team will handle the entire estate sale process, from beginning to end, leaving you free to handle other matters. Our team is highly motivated, which we feel is critical in the success of our company. In every estate sale, the relationships they build with our clients and customers create the foundation for our company. They come to work with the right attitude and are very positive individuals, and they have great people skills. They are simply great team players.


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